What to Make With Pallets: 57 Bathroom Pallet Projects On a Budget

Bathroom Pallet Projects On a Budget

Storage pallets may be the simplest way of creating new designs for your home environment.

Not only simple, affordable too. All you need is to gather the wood and focus on doable projects. But what if you have no ideas whatsoever for those pallets you gathered? We'll show you some possibilities of what to make with pallets.

As you may agree, remodeling or restyling a bathroom isn't always cheap and available for everyone's pockets. You need to focus on the details you will want to add to the pallet projects, such as coloring the pallets, aging their wood, using other items such as a rope to hang or decorate them, etc. Since we live in an era where most of the affordable projects are DIYs, we found this would interest you, to be able to discover what to make from pallets in your bathroom and more importantly: on a budget!

How about starting with your master bathroom? Is that a bold move for you? Even if the idea is to creatively build some ultra-tiny DIY pallet shelves for that tiny bathroom or toilet you have, you're in the exact right place. From simple pallet storage ideas to big pallet shelving ideas, embrace the catalog of what to make from pallets.

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