25 Velvet Covered Sofas You’ll want to Buy

Velvet Covered Sofas

Velvet covered sofas are key pieces for some kinds of design styles

They bring a touch of luxury to your living room and can certainly bring a vintage look too. A teal blue velvet sofa can give the room a softer look, whereas a dark blue or navy velvet sofa is almost a synonym of a classy pulled together living room design. Today our blog has enough velvet-covered sofas to fulfill your browsing need to decorate your new home, to do a total renovation of your existing living room, or perhaps to add a stylish furniture piece to your current home design.

With velvet covered sofas one can go for the oldie look, with a gold velvet settee, or maybe a round velvet couch, chesterfield sofa or more. This interesting piece of furniture sets a tone to the room, as it can make a total difference in its décor, and it can tell guests a lot about the people who live in the house or apartment. Blue, grey, and green are some of the most sought for colors for this kind of couch nowadays, and our team has gathered some captivating examples of those to show you together with the perfect surrounding décor to pull the look in the best ways possible.

A dark-gray, perhaps even charcoal, velvet couch, can be the centerpiece to a classy or classic living room, and a red one can make a perfect stand out piece to counter an otherwise neutral living room design. It’s your role to take a look at the gallery we attentively put together and figure out if velvet covered sofas are the way to go in your home décor. This specific kind of sofa isn’t for everyone, as it is quite of a bold choice. Take a look at what we’ve got and see for yourself!


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