Best Swivel Rocker Chairs For The Living Room

Best Swivel Rocker Chairs

The decor that you have in place in your living room should, ideally, look good. But, you also want to make sure that you are equipping yourself with pieces that are going to be comfortable, too. After all, your living room is for relaxing with loved ones and enjoying some time together after a long week. Who wants to do that on a stuffy, slippery couch? Exactly.

A modern solution to give you a crisp, put-together but comfortable seating area could just be a swivel rocker chair. The perfect accent piece to blend in with your existing decor, and still give you comfort, they can really refresh your space and give that practical convenience in a neat and tidy package. Curious? See for yourself!

Best swivel rocker chairs for the living room


The anatomy of a swivel chair

First of all, it’s important to make sure that we’re all on the same page as far as what a swivel chair is. It’s a comfortable chair that is on a swiveling base, allowing it to twirl around in a circle, like a lazy susan. There are a few versions you can have when looking at adding one to your space. They include:

  • A reclining swivel chair
  • An accent swivel chair
  • A swivel rocker
  • An office swivel chair

A reclining swivel chair

You’ve probably seen outdated versions of these before like your grandfather used to have! These push back into classic recliners and often rock, too. However, the modern versions will rock, recline and swivel, too, so that you can spin the chair around to face in a few directions.

An accent swivel chair

Remember that chair that always gets loaded with clothes or other miscellaneous stuff in your bedroom? Now there’s a living room equivalent in the form of an accent swivel chair! This often has comfortable cushioning with a solid foam base so that it holds a crisp shape while still being comfortable to sit in. Its base will swivel as you’d expect, too.

A swivel rocker

Think of this as a recliner without the reclining, and a little less padding! A padded version of a rocking chair, having a gliding or rocking seat is great for helping you stay active while you’re relaxing. Swivel rockers give you easy access into and out of the seat, and lots of movement within it!

An office swivel chair

This is like your classic traditional twirling office chair with arms, but with a bit more modern comfort. Quite a few of them hold the 1960s vibe with the seat cushion and maybe a bit of tufting in the back, too. They are great as office chairs, or even as an upright chair to enjoy in the living room when you need a comfortable seat.

Considerations when choosing a swivel rocker chair

There’s no shortage of options you can explore when taking an approach to your swivel rocking chair. To get the right one, though, consider addressing the following traits!

  • Size and rocking clearance
  • Placement in the room
  • Your preferences for material
  • Soft and squishy or firm and supportive?
  • The overall aesthetic
  • Your use of the chair itself

Size and rocking clearance

You can get small or large chairs, of course, and some of them glide back and forth, whereas others will rock in the classic sense. When you are shopping, get a feel for whether you prefer the movement of glide or rocking, and then take a look at the space clearance. This is specific from chair to chair and you’ll find the information in the product specifications.

Placement in the room

Ideally, you’ll place it in front of a TV, the fireplace, or a great window with a view. Or all 3, really, especially because it can swivel any which way you want it to. It really depends on how you want to use your chair (more on that in a bit). However, the space that it takes up in movement and swiveling also factors in! If it swivels and rocks a lot, having it too close to a coffee table or plant is going to be a disaster. It’s best to choose an open space that’s part of your living room setup, and then slowly add in end tables or plant stands as you see how it moves and where the “danger zones” are!

Your preferences for material

Do you like classic leather? Perhaps a soft taft or linen instead? Do you want buttery smooth to the skin, or warm and cozy for a throw blanket? The best way to get a sense of this is to try a few materials out when shopping and see which one feels the most like you. You’ll also want to consider the aesthetic of it too (more on that in a moment), in material choice.

Soft and squishy or firm and supportive?

Some love the idea of disappearing into a cushy soft chair with a book. Others prefer a comfortable seat, but a more structured and solid foam instead. You can find both waiting for you, so choose carefully and try out both types to see what feels best for you.

The overall aesthetic

Part of adding this chair to your living room is how it looks, right? Take some time to feel the space and decide whether you go with leather or linen, polished and structured, or soft and cushy. Match it with the rest of your furniture for the best effect, too.

Your use of the chair itself

A lot of people forget this step, surprisingly! Some enjoy curling up in an oversized chair with a cup of tea and a book. Those will prefer, perhaps, the linen with the soft cushioning. Others may prefer to relax and watch some TV or just gaze into the fireplace, or out the window. In this case, the cushy recliner might be better. Some prefer sitting upright with a computer or tablet or swiveling around to check a few emails in comfort. For that, a leather and structured chair may be better. Your use and needs matter when it comes to placing and choosing a swivel chair!

Living room decor is so much fun and a swivel chair could be just the addition to your pieces. All that’s left is choosing the right one for your needs, in particular!

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