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42 Small Balcony Lounge Ideas for the Perfect Relax Haven

Who would know such small space could be completely changed…


Lack of space? Don’t fall into that anymore.

There goes the time when space was a problem. Nowadays you can create unimaginable things from scratch, DIY or even buy items that will fit even the tiniest of spaces and this happens with all sorts of balconies. You too can transform your dull balcony with these small balcony lounge ideas.

Balconies are usually used as spaces where one can relax, so you might value items such as resting or dining furniture for your outdoor area, but it is also valid to just enjoy that space as a small kind of garden.

All you will need is a pinch of good taste, imagination, and willpower. Just follow the examples in the gallery and be sure: you will find ideas you will want to replicate.

Even for those who have a simple apartment balcony, make no mistake, these ideas can completely turn your tiny outdoor space into the perfect balcony lounge. For more ideas go to


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