Modern White Dressers

There shouldn’t be so much pressure to find the right dresser for your decor scheme, but we all feel it. Even when looking at something as seemingly straight-forward and simple as a modern white dresser, there’s still so much choice involved. You want storage and decor, but you have to make sure that one doesn’t win out over the other, and that both come together just right in a cohesive modern white dresser. That’s a lot, and that takes precision.

A white dresser is about as classic as you can get, and even in the modern designs, you’re going to be finding lots of choices and options to help you find just the right dresser for your intentions. If you’re looking for a fun blend of storage, style, clean lines, and lots of customization options, a white dresser is going to be about as dignified and as stately as it gets.

Best modern white dressers for sale


The style of contemporary white dressers

There are a few key features that you’ll learn about when it comes to choosing the ideal dresser for you. These style focuses will help you narrow down your search for your room of choice, and help you understand which of them is going to be best for your intentions, too. These include:

  • The size and shape of the dresser
  • Standard dressers vs mirrored dressers
  • Drawer size and orientation
  • Knobs and pulls
  • Overall function

The size and shape of the dresser

Dressers are built properly and with different sizes and shapes so that everyone can have a dresser built to their own specifications. One of the main features that you’ll find yourself choosing between is going to be a tall one or a horizontal one.

A tall one typically has one or maybe two lines of drawers. It’s intended to be narrow but tall, as you’d expect! Dressers with these orientations are often preferred in living rooms, or perhaps guest quarters or adult bedrooms. Their focus is on keeping a minimal footprint.

A horizontal dresser, on the other hand, has long and deep drawers and the overall design is especially wide and short. These kinds of designs are popular in entryways as well as kids’ bedrooms. The dresser itself is a statement piece and it is often decorated as such. Where the focus on the tall dresser is on minimalism, a horizontal dresser is practicality and making sure that everyone can reach it.

Both tall and horizontal dressers vary greatly in size and overall dimensions, but those are the two shapes to choose from.

Standard dressers vs mirrored dressers

You can also have a choice between a classic straight dresser top or a mirrored version. This one has a mirror that stretches, most of the time, the entire width of the dresser and up quite a ways. It’s framed to match the crisp white of the dresser, too. They can come as a two-piece set, or they can be an addition after the fact when looking to add more to it. 

Dressers with mirrors are great in master bedrooms and guest quarters because a mirror is going to add extra width and presence to the room. Whether it’s small and simple, or large and elaborate, it adds extra appeal to space and gives it another beautiful angle. 

Drawer size and orientation

You can also explore a few options for the drawers and the orientation of those drawers. If you love long drawers, you can find those in the tall and horizontal styles. These are great for spreading things out and seeing what you’ve got. You can also explore short drawers with more depth. These are most popular for socks and other stackable clothing. They are also loved for kids’ clothing.

True modern dressers also offer you the selection of both in one dresser, often with two shorter drawers at the top with longer ones below, or short drawers in one section and long drawers on another. This is great for modern bedrooms and living rooms.

Knobs and pulls

A huge part of a dresser is going to be its decorative aspect. Since you’re going with a classic and sophisticated creamy white, you can explore color through the knobs and or pulls that you use.

Firstly, knobs vs pulls. Are you looking for small subtle pops or are you going instead for a sleek and even line? Both are options and it simply depends on style for the most part. Can’t decide? Pulls are often the most popular and can hold a bit more weight.

Next, you have to decide if you want them to blend in with a quiet silver, or you want to go for a sharp contrast of black, or perhaps even wood. There are so many forms and shapes to explore, too, so that world really is going to be our oyster.

Overall function

Now the most practical part: the function! You can choose anywhere from a 2-drawer to a 6-drawer dresser and you’ll be able to enjoy a combination of short and deep drawers or long and narrow ones. It’s all about creating what you want to store and knowing how you want to use the dresser can be a huge help to getting that choice just right. When in doubt, compare your choices to what you’re using now!


Modern white dressers are so much fun in every space. Even if you didn’t think that you’d ever go this “classic” in color, all you have to do is take a look at the various combinations of size and scale and see for yourself that there are all sorts of ways to really enjoy the style. Best of all, it’s ageless and will transform from use to use as effortlessly as you’d like it to — what else could you ask for from something this important in your bedroom decor?

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