Modern Kids Dressers

One of the most important pieces in your little one’s bedroom is going to be their dresser. It’s going to be functional, of course, in holding all of their clothing and other essentials, but it also should be properly kid-themed and ready to change as you would expect it to.

That’s a lot to ask from something so simple, but it all comes from focusing on the right factors.

Best Modern Kids Dressers

When leafing through the options of kids’ dressers, you’ll want to use the right factors to help you narrow in on your search. The crucial ones to focus on include:

  • Fun level
  • Functionality
  • Height
  • Safety
  • Adaptability

That first one was a surprise, right? Yeah, it is to most of us adults. But, remember, picking out kids’ furniture is supposed to be fun because kids, themselves, are always all about the fun! Doesn’t it make sense that their decor should match that?

Fun level

By far the best part of choosing your child’s dresser, the fun level is the most important starting point! As far as dressers are concerned, that fun level can be in a few different versions and forms, depending on what your little one sees as fun.

For some, fun is deliberately mismatched drawer colors. Maybe one is pink, one is yellow, and one is blue. Or perhaps, the knobs themselves are mismatched or even kid-themed with lego blocks, princesses, etc. When you look at the dresser, it should look like a kid’s dresser, not an adult piece of furniture in a little one’s room.

Another popular example, especially if you’ve got a creative little one in your life, is going to be the potential for art. Yes, really. The solution to that is, of course, chalkboard paint! Whether you go with a coat of it all over the dresser, or just used on the drawer fronts to help them remember what goes where adding lots of space for art is going to be great for personalizing.

The bottom line is that the way you define fun is going to be different than someone else, so pick whatever feels best for your little one! It’ll also be a great statement piece in your space.


A dresser is, of course, going to be the place for them to store clothing, dress-up gear, and more. No matter how it looks, you’re going to want to have a complete functional dresser, too. There are a few ways you can explore functionality in dressers.

The drawer size is going to be the first detail. Since you want to encourage them to clean up after themselves as they used to doing household chores, you will want to make that easy (and safe) by having drawers that are easy for them to use. Short, thin ones are always a great idea. The drawers will still be big enough for them to put their clothing in, after all.

The second detail for functionality is the ease of opening those drawers. Get proper kid-sized handles and knobs that will be easy for their little hands to grip and pull. Not too big, not too small. For bonus points, let your little one choose!

Thirdly, along those same lines is the roller system that you have in place for your drawers. Is it easy for them to open and close? Does it require a lot of tugging? Certain kids’ dressers often aren’t designed with kids in mind, it seems!


You can choose from horizontal or tall dressers. Tall dressers are often preferred by parents since they have more options for tucking away supplies without bending over, but the height of the dresser should be considered with children in mind, too. For example: consider a 3-drawer height with slightly longer drawers on easy rollers rather than a 4 or 5-drawer height. It’ll give them full access to the drawers.


Let’s be honest: kids find all sorts of new ways to get themselves in trouble. This is the very reason that kid-proofing exists, right? Keep safety at the front of your mind when looking at dressers. Here are some of the key things to ask/look for:

Are there gaps for them to stick their fingers in?
Do they have slow-open and slow-close? (a great idea to prevent jams)
Are there stoppers to keep them from pulling the drawers right out?
Can they climb on top and jump off? (hopefully not!)

It’s so hard to get all of these things guaranteed in a kids’ dresser, but when you remember the right safety details, it can at least help you spot definite “bad” things and definite “good” things in a dresser.


Obviously, you don’t want to get a dresser that is going to fit their clothes for 1 year and then have to be thrown out for a bigger one. You can absolutely get modern kids’ dressers that are going to be great for holding clothes of all sizes and still be accessible for little children all the way up to teenage years and beyond.

As far as adapting, say, Lego-themed drawer colors and superhero knobs, all it takes is a few switches and a coat of paint for it to be a brand new dresser for your big kid. One less thing to replace, and they can choose how they want to age up their dresser, too, for an added touch of personalization.

What it all comes down to with a kids’ dresser, especially for the modern shopper, is focus on details like easy-open and or easy-close, and the space in the drawers. But as far as getting the right “look” and “feel” for the dresser, there are endless ways you can make it kid-friendly and still change it up when the time comes.

So, even with the seemingly endless options out there, it’s reassuring to know that you can still find your way through to the right dresser for your nursery, as long as you focus on all of the right details to get you there!

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