Mid century Modern Dressers

Dressers do more than just store your clothing. They also add style to your bedroom and help you create that cohesive look and feel that you’re going for. If you’re looking for the right blend of sophistication and streamlined style itself, you’re going to want to consider the potential for a mid century modern dresser.

Distinctive yet still subtle so that it is a cohesive part of your bedroom decor, this particular kind of dresser is going to give you ultimate style and storage, but still make sure that you are going for the right practical appeal, too, especially when it comes to the key features of this dresser style itself.

Best Mid century Modern Dressers For Sale


Key features of the mid century modern dresser style
The main features of these kinds of dressers, like many out there, are going to be the following ones:

  • Legs
  • Knobs
  • color/Materials
  • Size


Typically the legs tend to be short and rather stout on a mid century dresser. They often match the dresser’s design as far as color and they aren’t intended to stand out. They are held off the ground to give a clean line on the bottom (that matches the clean line on the top) and can be great for those spaces that have small bins to store under them, or pets that love to explore.

When you go with mid century style, the legs are simply the spokes that hold up the dresser itself. They are minimalistic, strong, and intended to disappear into the background. The only time that they are obvious is when the style is attributed to something that needs to be higher, such as an end table or a bedside table.


Also, understated, knobs and/or handles are focused on being a lot more integrated into the dresser — sometimes in a literal sense. In a lot of mid century dressers, you’ll have the option of recessed pulls in their tops that are painted or finished the same way for a clean and matching profile.

If there are knob or drawer pulls, they tend to be color coordinated in similar, matching hues. Many pull grains from the wood and use that as the base color for the handle and knobs. In the case of something like a grey or warm yellow, metallic, matte finish handles or knobs are used to still blend in with the paint choice.

While there are exceptions to this, the focus on the knobs is to blend with the dresser so that the entire thing is unassuming and quiet, a nondescript yet still clean dresser that will help keep clutter out of sight.


The perks of the dresser here really come out to offer you a lot of selection when trying to pick the right one for your master bedroom. The appeal itself is going to be pretty much whatever suits your taste. If you enjoy the classic wood grain appeal, there’s a little bit of everything available to you. From natural stains bringing out the texture, to a deep stain hue that will add an air of sophistication, you can really play around with your love of wood.

If you do decide to go with a color, matte finish ones are often preferred. Perhaps a soft grey or a quiet tan. These still add distinctive color and appeal, but they’re going to be coordinated between knob and color so that it’ll still be the distinctive and polished style that you’re going for.

You can find a few that blend together contrasting hues, too, if you love that appeal. For instance, a creamy white and wood grain blend that both breaks up the design for the owner but still keep it cohesive and blended properly for the right overall impact.


Another perfectly customizable detail about the mid century style is that you can go just about any size! Whether you need a small one for a nursery or a large one for a master bedroom, you’re going to enjoy a wide selection of sizes that way.

Another perk is that you can get a double and single style. Love the long pull-out drawers where you can spread everything out in thin layers? There’s plenty of choices. Want to go with a double, shorter style instead? There’s plenty available there, too.

Then, of course, there’s plenty of choice in the blended style, too, basically guaranteeing that you can simply create a dresser that is built for your needs.

From two levels to four levels, the dresser can give you truly customizable size, storage, and presence in your space, too.

Is the mid century dresser the right pick?
There’s a lot of choices out there, no questions asked. When you want a dresser that is going to be versatile, quiet enough to fit into the decor scheme that you’ve got going with no changes needed, a mid century dresser is going to be the most versatile choice. Distinctive yet cohesive, stately yet modern, and classic yet still customizable, this is all about variety.

When you are looking for a dresser that is going to simply meet your needs, this is one of the best options. From its beautiful understated crisp corners to the well-sized drawers, to the smooth blend of styles, there’s a little bit of everything for every shopper. Mid Century dressers are popular and when you see all of these features blended together in a style that is all you, it’s easy to understand why! Now the only decision that you have to make is figuring out which of the styles is going to best match your scheme.

Who knows, when you see all of the options waiting for you, you might just have to get one for every bedroom in your home– and why not? They’ll add presence, style, and storage on your terms!

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