36 Creative Metal Frame Pergola Designs

Metal Frame Pergola Designs

A metal frame pergola or awning can have the opposite of a dull design. You do not need to stick to the common wooden pergolas and the common linen tops that will eventually tear with the wind, or lose its density and color with the hot sun.

More than its design, its functionality should come first in your list, since it can determine how it will be built, which materials should be used, how long are you thinking it should last so you can plan to build a pergola with durable materials. Only then should you add a personal touch of your own, combined with your house style, if it is contemporary or not, so the pergola works well with it and adds up to the mix.

Metal framed pergolas could be the solution for your backyard or patio, these are the sturdy pergolas you’ll find and that will last many years on your outdoor space.

Get Inspired With This 36 Metal Frame Pergola Designs


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