30 Pieces of Evidence that Grey is the New Black in Interior Design

Grey and Black Interior Design

Grey is the new black in interior design. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it!

We have gathered some interesting ideas you may want to take a look at when designing or redoing your place. From grey walls, grey furniture, linens, tiles, and even ceilings, we have got diversity in this post. Grey can be applied in any room of your house, or even outside, it can be played within nooks on the wall, or appliances in the kitchen, it can stand by itself in different tones, or be matched with colors.

You pick what would suit you best! This color can bring a more pulled-together look to any room of the house, and it is quite neutral, so you can paint the walls grey and then add a splash of color, such as pale pink, or a natural green and it will certainly look great! Perhaps you would like a posh look in your bedroom, so you can paint the walls grey – or pick a pretty, grey wallpaper – and then alternate between grey pillows and blush pillows for contrast.

A grey couch can also be a nice feature for your living room, with matching pillows and blankets. Your kitchen can benefit from some grey too, as you can get grey cabinets, paint the backdrop grey and buy grey or silver appliances! A grey tone does look good in a bathroom too!

There are innumerous options for grey tiles, and even grey bathtubs or sinks. Your garden or yard can also be done with grey, not only regarding furniture and decor, but also the walls. So believe us when we say grey is the new black in interior design, we are about to show you 30 ways it can be used, in hopes of inspiring you to achieve the best decor you can get for your place. Even if grey isn’t your favorite color, you will feel tempted with these suggestions for grey is the new black in interior design!


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