24 Bedroom Furniture with Secret Compartments you’ll want to buy or build

bedroom furniture with secret compartments

Add utility and security to your home with hidden compartment furniture

Have your seen film, The Shawshank Redemption? Specifically, the scene where our plaid dressed prisoner hero recovers the incriminating ledger books from the villain Warden’s hidden safe that was covered up by a painting. Bedroom furniture with secret compartments can add a touch of mystery to our homes. And allow us to secure treasured and private items in secret compartment furniture.

Hidden compartment furniture is also very practical. Hidden furniture allows us to clear away the clutter and is an efficient use of space, especially in smaller bedrooms or apartments.

Hidden compartments can be concealed in our bedroom in many otherwise normal looking furniture items. They can be ‘hiding in plain sight’.

In this post we discuss the aspects of hidden compartment furniture that you most need to know, including handy diy secret storage tips:

  • Choosing a bed with secret compartment
  • A secret compartment coffee table to keep your memento’s safe
  • A dresser with secret compartment to hide your cosplay outfit
  • A secret compartment desk to keep your affairs private

We then display 24 clever ideas of bedroom furniture with hidden compartments.

Choosing a bed with secret compartment

Are you looking to hide your valuables or need space efficient extra storage to keep spare linen and out of season clothes? Then bedroom furniture with hidden compartments is a great option for you to consider.

Clever bedroom furniture that includes hidden compartments

The most simple secret bed compartment is found in the base of solid base bedroom furniture. Concealed edges and hidden release points and pulls disguise these from the casual eye. But then there are great examples illustrate in the following pages of clever concealed shelving systems. Another secret compartment bed uses a hinged bed base and a hollow base to provide hidden storage. Hollow bed heads make great hidden compartments.

Spare pillow, linen and blanked can be bulky so clever flush mounted wall hidden storage units are clever design enhancements to a bedroom.

Bed frame with hidden storage

If you have an old fashioned bed with a steel frame then a great hidden storage option is to get a strong magnet and place inside of a small container with your stash and place under the bed, attached to the frame above. Do this on the wall side of your bed so that your bed frame with hidden storage is more secretive.

DIY hidden storage ideas for your bed

There are a couple of clichéd, old favorite DIY hidden storage ideas for your bedroom. You can stash items under your mattress or even in your pillow case. Unfortunately, not only can these ideas be very uncomfortable when trying to sleep at night (I’m thinking ‘Princess and the Pea’ type of uncomfortable), but they are not secure as these are the first places people will look if they are trying to find your secret storage compartment.

Here is a more secure diy secret compartment idea for your bed. If it is the type to have finials on top of wooden bed posts. Then remove one finial (usually screwed on) and select a ¾ to 1 inch spade bit – less than the width of the finial base and leaving at least ¼ inch of wood between the hole and the edge of the post to maintain structural integrity. Drill out a 4 to 6 inch secret compartment. Place your rolled up cash or stash in the hidden compartment bed. Finally, glue the finial back on with a small dab of wood glue – just enough to keep the finial in place but not too much that you have trouble removing it later. Your stash will be forever safe from prying eyes until you decide to retrieve it.

A secret compartment coffee table to keep your mementos safe

Many of us have an interesting and colorful past. We have collected mementos along our life journey that we want to keep private. A childhood diary, a favorite novel that you forgot to return to the high school library, or a gift that a mystery stranger whom you had an all to short affair with while travelling overseas in your 20’s. Secrets that have sentimental value – that you may share one day – but you’re not ready just yet. A secret compartment coffee table can secure your memories until you are ready to reveal.

But your life might not be so interesting. In which case a hidden compartment table can still be a practical piece of furniture that will allow you to keep on top of the daily clutter. Notes to self, invitations and…hmmm, parking tickets to pay, can all be stored in a secret compartment coffee table until you are ready to deal with them.

I am constantly amazed at the clever use design of antique wooden furniture with hidden compartments. The quality and ingenuity of the workmanship is incredible. These same ideas can be used in modern hidden compartment furniture. Hidden drawer furniture is usually cleverly designed with concealed edges and no visible knobs or pulls. Secret release catches are a common feature. As are false drawer bottoms.

A dresser with secret compartment to hide your cosplay outfit

Dressers are often cluttered with jewelry, fashion accessories and other personal items. At first glance there is no way to build in hidden compartments. But even dressers can contain hidden drawer furniture.

You can have a secret compartment DIY’d into your dresser. Simply create a false back wall at the rear of the bottom drawer using a matching panel material to secure treasured personal items – even that cosplay outfit you don’t want your boyfriend to find.

Or install our favorite top secret furniture compartment – the hidden bottom. Hide letters, notes and cash under a correctly sized thin sheet of plywood. Cover with clothes to make it even more secret.

Keep your affairs secret with a hidden compartment desk

Desks are generally not the most aesthetically pleasing items in your bedroom. Your desk can be concealed amongst other furniture. For example, if your bed is on a split level. The desk could slide out from the base level and retracted when not in use.

And then if a desk with hidden storage is more your design ambition there are solutions here too. It could be a desk with hidden drawer furniture such false back drawers and false bottom drawers.

A false bottom in an otherwise normal desk drawer is a really simple diy hidden storage idea for flat items like letters, notes and money. All you need is to cut a ¼ inch plywood to size and paint or finish it match the actual drawer bottoms.

Enjoy our featured images of bedroom with secret compartments and our example of secret compartment furniture for sale.


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