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For all of us, our home is more than a house. It is where we shelter, entertain, build relationships, grow and love. Home Design Tribe strives to bring you home design themes, interior design inspiration and the best home decor ideas.

Our goal is to guide you as you create your own home design and home decor style – one that is perfect for you. Here you can browse interior design styles and home decor ideas and step by step, curate the home design you aspire to.

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Your house decorations can define, or redefine, your home style. The right combination of interior and outdoor furnishings and focal objects not only beautify your place; they will grant your house the desired functionality and boost the style of each section of your home.

At our core, you will find endless possibilities in interior design and decor. We work to bring you the best within styles such as Shabby Chic, Boho, Modern Decor, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and Rustic Decor, and others, along with all the interior and outside decoration and furnishing necessary to your needs and style. We hope you feel inspired and keep coming back for each change to your home you plan; count us in for gathering the best of the best ideas.


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Bedroom decor isn’t only about the furniture and the color of your walls. There is far more to it, within styles such as Farmhouse and Rustic Bedrooms to Modern Bedrooms. Textures and colors of linens, wall decor, rugs, room dividers, storage, curtains, beds and furniture There’s plenty to choose from on our store; you can also check our blog for handpicked top inspirations that will fit your space and taste. 


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A living room is for some the core of a house where families gather and friends hang together. That said, you can step up the game when it comes to its decor by adding some art on the walls, but you cannot forget about the importance of the grounding foundation of this space: the furniture, the textures in fabrics, the colors and focal points, that stunning designer piece. Here you will be able to choose from Farmhouse Living Room Decor to Modern Living Room Decor; you’re in command of your likings; we’re here to help you get to know the trends for this year and make the job of decoration a lot easier.


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Different style chairs, metal mixed with reclaimed wood, a dash of color in a neutral dining room, there are endless ways to decorate and enhance your dining room space, even if you are all about mixing styles, from Contemporary to Rustic.


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Kitchens with a neutral color scheme are easier to decorate since even the most extravagant sinks will fit just perfectly. But we’re always up for a challenge when it comes to helping you out with flipping that old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether it is a better kitchen organization you seek or a whole change into that beautiful farmhouse cozy style of a kitchen, we have collected numerous products that will revolutionize your space.


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Outdoor spaces such as backyards, patios, front yards, or even balconies can be a challenge when it comes to the right pick of furniture or even deciding on outdoor storage. Climate can place a challenging issue on choosing different types of outside furnishings. If you are wondering if your garden wicker lounge furniture will last, where to store your wicker chairs, or even if you can choose outdoor wicker furniture at all, don’t worry. We will guide you through different chairs and loungers, Pergolas and all types of shade providers you need, outdoor lighting and firepits, etc., as well as helping you choose the right materials and products for your outdoor space, so you can make the best out of it.


Home Design Tribe – Our Mission to Bring you Home Decor Ideas

Consider this a house you can enter whenever you need. We decided to create a place where all rooms of the house, and even the outdoor space, are organized and divided by styles. Our goal is to provide insight on different options of decor, through different products you can purchase and show you can work with different home decor styles and still make it work, through various articles on home decor and design.


Finding Your Perfect Home Decor Style

There is no need to be retained by one and only style; remember, you have the right to vary. We change visions and so does our taste, it gets refined. With that, you will have us by your side to find the right products, the trendy ones, the classics that never go out of style and you can pick within different decor styles such as Shabby Chic, Boho, Modern Decor, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and Rustic Decor, and others you see fit for you and your place. Your house is a reflection of you; you should decor it and make it beautiful.

They say that the hardest part of building a house is the construction of the shell and framing. But, as any homeowner can probably tell you, the hardest part is actually choosing what kind of home decor style to put in place on the inside of the home! With all of the options, just figuring out which one that appeals to you the most is a challenging first step.

Then, once you get your favorite style sorted out, you’ve got to go about figuring how to put it on display in every space in your home. So, let’s dive into the different home decor styles and their determining features to help make that a little easier!

What are the different home decor styles?
As you can probably guess, there are all sorts of styles to choose from. Quite a few get misinterpreted and misattributed, too, which makes it all the harder. The main categories include:

  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Rustic
  • French Country
  • Shabby Chic
  • Coastal/Nautical
  • Hollywood Glam or Hollywood Regency
  • Scandinavian
  • Urban Modern
  • Boho
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Art Deco
  • Asian Zen
  • Modern Country
  • Moroccan
  • Mediterranean

That’s a lot, huh? Don’t worry, all of these have some great features that, at the very least, will help you understand what you don’t like as much as what you do like! Ready for home decor 101? Here we go!


Often joked about as being a style focused on deprivation, minimalism is all about soothing the eye and giving it something to look at that is uncomplicated and elegant. It is Japanese inspired and it focuses on minimal decoration and “less is more” as an attitude for every space. Since there is no clutter in minimalistic decor, a lot of the furniture doubles as storage underneath, too. This is typically clean to the eye as far as colors but also lacks texture and patterns.


One of those terms that often get confusing, contemporary design is pretty much always changing — which doesn’t make it any less confusing, right? This is a style that picks the most popular parts from historical and modern decor and blends them together in a combination that rolls over and adjusts as time goes on. Think of this as a top 10 hits for interior design! In most of these designs, the focus point will vary from one big thing to several smaller or medium things that all deserve your focus in the space.


As the name suggests, modern interior design is a brand new, completely modern design that often pulls from popular trends in other decor styles (more on that later). Modern, as far as its time period is concerned, is connected to an up-to-date and “modern” time period. As far as what it looks like, you can expect clean lines in furniture and surfaces with lots of metal touches. There isn’t a whole lot of baubles, instead focusing on dramatic art for color and flair. The permanent fixtures often are neutral to give decorators lots of choice for pairing color.


This focuses a lot of its energy on being traditional in the European sense. With lots of dark wood accents, soft furnishings, and fancy, sophisticated fabrics, this decor scheme is, in a word: decadent. For those that love the “live like a queen” vibe, this is probably the decor scheme that you’ve got in mind. Everything is oversized and elegant with lots of attention to detail.


If you know you love elegant and sophisticated details, but you also love the warm and cozy feeling, too, transitional style is the ultimate blend. This gives you a put-together and purpose-built room but it blends together hard lines (practical features of the room) with soft touches (area rugs, table runners, etc). This is often a nice blend of masculine and feminine detailing, too, making it popular for modern homes in the shared living and dining spaces. While it looks very intentional and useful, you also can realistically curl up and get comfortable when settling in for a nice movie night.


With lots of rough edges and textures, rustic often stays simple and true — similar to minimalist decor. However, rustic is true, bare necessities with everything white and very few color accents. Any accents are wood grains or stone. This kind of design focuses on sharp and architectural edges and lets the aesthetic of the house’s bones do all of the talking for it, essentially. Some versions include clear floors with no added decor, and others do throw in quiet, muted area rugs. It depends on the person’s preferences.

French Country

If you’ve never heard of this kind of interior decor style before, you’re not alone. This is similar to a traditional style, but the overall color tones tend to be warmer. Lots of warm browns with soft reds and oranges to help create that settling in feel. This also focuses on lots of dark wood accents for furniture, and brick and stone wherever possible in the design, too, to really give it that classic touch!

Shabby Chic

While “shabby” makes a lot of people pause, the shabby chic decor scheme is about upcycling and repurposing. Often confused with boho, shabby chic blends together different shapes and sizes and decor pieces, but then pulls them together in a color shade. For example: your mirror, curtain rods, bed frame, and chaise may all be from different eras and decor schemes, but they all have the same pale pink or bright blue accent colors so that the space looks cohesive.


For that vacation on the beach vibe even when you are at home, nautical (aka coastal) decor is a great combination of crisp linens and fun colors. With lots of seaside details and colors, it can often give your space that seaside feel. There is plenty of sea glass, fish, wheelhouse, and rope touches in this kind of design. If often will focus on accenting the natural light, too, to help bring the outside in just like you’d expect a beach house to do.

Hollywood Glam or Hollywood Regency

If traditional decor style is luxurious, then Hollywood glam or regency is the over-the-top exquisite version of that, but completely modern at the same time. With sharp lines, minimal soft furnishings, and a neutral color scheme, this kind of decor has lots going on in every detail. Think “done to the nines” in an ultra-modern sense, just how you’d expect a Hollywood celebrity to live: diamond and crystal this, and velvet and antique, that.


Often confused with minimalistic decor as far as looking at the two side by side, Scandinavian decor schemes have a lot of neutral but use bright color pops to help bring the eye’s focus to a particular facet or part of the scheme. The focus is on functionality — like minimalistic decor — but there are lots of playful little touches, too, to make it feel clean and energizing at the same time. If you want to summarize it in a name, think IKEA!

Urban Modern

This is another kind of fun fusion decor scheme. It has a truly modern and chic overall feel, like something that would give you the vibe of city life. While it focuses on plain neutral shades for walls or floors, there are plenty of soft furnishings and pieces of furniture. Instead of blending into the background, though, these pieces are large and often oversized for the space so that they draw the eye and stand out. If often pairs soft with geometric sharp corners, too, for another version of a clash!


A bit of a mishmash — in a good way, boho gets a reputation for being hemp and flowers and everything. In reality, boho interior design focuses most of its energy on clashing together as many styles and colors as possible. With conflicting bright prints and patterns, lots of soft furnishings, and a “go with the flow” concept, this kind of design is all about bringing together a little bit of everything. Rich with plants and flowers (real and in patterns) as well as trinkets and mirrors, this is a busy decoration style.

Mid-century Modern

Another kind of interior design that changes with the times, you’ll get a lot of the greatest hits from the 1950s and onward. Neutral tones pair with a lot of soft furnishings Quite a few have popular retro prints. You may find a few accent walls and lots of popular options such as wingback chairs or loungers. These spaces are similar to transitional in that they have lots of attention to their use, but have lots of cozy spaces. This kind of style is where you see a lot of decorations and knick-knacks, too!


Some feel that industrial style in a home is cold and unfeeling, but this is an example of design done poorly, rather than the design style itself! In this kind of style, you’ll get distressing in as many details as possible. This could be in the form of exposed brick or distressed and whitewashed brick. Plenty of crisp metal accents with light fixtures and rugged details are popular, too. Quite a few pieces of furniture often have wheels or industrial additions (even just for show) to help pull the machinery vibe into coffee tables and couches.


While eclectic gets a bad reputation of being scrappy or otherwise inferior, we’re happy to report that this is very far from the truth. As far as decor is concerned, eclectic would be the DIY angle. In this kind of design, you would pick all of your favorite decor pieces (regardless of the theme) and pair them together to create a very organic and, well, eclectic final combination in your space. Typically, a neutral overall theme gives way to bright accent pieces to help the space feel fun without being too distracting or busy.

Modern Farmhouse

If you think of farmhouse decor, you most likely think about roosters and barn doors! In a modern farmhouse, you’ll keep the barn doors, but often the roosters will be toned down. This focuses on a clean and bright space that has lots of shiplap detailing and wood grains. There tend to be lots of wood grain and warm colors that contrast beautifully with metal touches!

Art Deco

Filled with metal touches and lots of sharp edges (figuratively speaking) and harsh lines, this can often get mixed up with Rustic style. However, this has no shortage of soft furnishings and colors. The art on the walls and throughout each piece of furniture itself is what attracts the eye in this kind of design.

Asian Zen

You’ve heard of feng shui before, but most people see it as a joke rather than an actual interior design principle! In this case, feng shui refers to creating the right energy in the home using the furniture and color scheme to do it. This decor scheme has lots of asymmetrical styles and keeps to a natural (think trees and rocks) color scheme. It has lots of sharp crisp lines without being too harsh.

Modern Country

Another option that pulls inspiration from wood grains as well as natural color tones, this is going to give a very homey feel with lots of soft furnishing to curl up on, and beautiful calm color schemes, too, It lets the architecture of the room speak for itself with a lot of exposed beams and columns. This is popular for those that think of chalet-style homes!


Often confused with boho style, Moroccan style is all about prints, bright colors, and lots of soft touches. This all about decadence in the form of plenty of pillows, blankets, and lots of clashing tribal prints that makes you feel like a prince or princess! Don’t be surprised to find lots of upcycled flea market finds and hidden storage in ottomans and couches, too. There tends to be no shortage of seating options, too, making it great for those who love to entertain!


There are plenty of wood details in this kind of decor, and it is often thought to be rich, decadent and a fun blend of classical architecture. You’re just as likely to find columns and arches, as you will find padded headboards. Sometimes the color schemes are bright and vibrant in corals and pinks, and others keep them coastal with teals and blues.

Decorating quick tip

There’s no question that there are a lot of options simply in the sheer amount of types available to you. If you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start, take a moment to focus on you, yourself. The reality is, there is no wrong way to decorate a home other than doing it someone else’s way! Your interior design should be personalized to you and your own needs, even if that means you love both decor types the most.

Want to know a secret? The decor scheme that you settle on for your house can absolutely be a blend of, let’s say, Scandinavian and Modern Country. If you absolutely love the core concepts of both of those decor schemes, you can blend them together in a combination for your decor scheme. These are just the general categories used to help you see the difference between them!

So, whether these inspired your living room remodel or you now have a title for the decor scheme in your bedroom, this will give you no shortage of ideas for helping your home look put-together and fashionable, regardless of what that means for you, in particular!


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